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Founder’s Story

Our founder, Mrs. Radha Gopal is a Cost Accountant by qualification and an insightful entrepreneur. She managed the complete India Operations of more.

Mr Gopal Subramaniam

Mr Gopal Subramaniam is a Post Graduate in Applied Mathematics. He has three decades of experience in the IT Industry. He has successfully executed more.

Ms Sheila Suryanarayan

Ms Sheila Suryanarayan is a Cost Accountant with over 20 years of rich experience in Corporate Management Information Systems key in decision making more.

Renewable/Green Energy

Challenges in Wind Energy Turbine

The controlling cabinet is housed at a height of more than 200 feet on top of the wind mill.The cabinet is used for housing and regulating the movement of the fan blades. Initially the doors of the controlling cabinet were fixed with a locking system, which could not sustain the vibration and would open up, not serving the purpose. The controlling cabinet required a locking system which would be able to sustain the vagaries of the wind movement and the vibration caused

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Food Industry

Challenges in Milk Transporty

Highly perishable produce to be transported over long distances with key focus on hygiene , nil spillage, product quality retention.

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Challenges in Pharmaceutical Sector

Highly confidential Research status. Compliance to regulations governing storage such as temperature, number of years

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